Divine Mercy Pligrimage

Mass at the Divine Mercy Shrine

Departing from the UK to Vilnius, Assemble at the church for our coach transfer to the airport.

DAY 1: After our arrival in Vilnius we check in to the hotel and our rooms, we enjoy light refreshment. We will then gather at the Gates of Dawn church (right near the hotel) mid-morning and walk to the Shrine of Divine Mercy. After lunch a walking tour of Old Town Vilnius. Dinner will be followed by a visit to the Shrine of Divine Mercy. 

The Home of Blessed Fr. Sopoćko

DAY 2: After morning mass followed by light refreshments in Old Town we will then drive to Juodšiliai to see Fr. Sopoćko’s home and village. Upon our return and dinner served we will head to the Shrine of Divine Mercy 

The following day - Visit to the Convent & Home of St. Faustina

DAY 3: In the morning we will visit the convent of the Sisters of the Merciful Jesus where the Original Image of Divine Mercy was painted followed by a visit to the Church Heritage Museum and lunch. After some free time, we will head to the Home of St. Faustina where we will pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3:00 pm in the exact spot where Jesus revealed it to St. Faustina. Evening meal followed in the same way 

We head for the Cathedral

DAY 4: We will celebrate mass at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary located in Krakow’s Lagiewniki district is the final resting place of Saint Faustina and a vast shrine dedicated to the Mercy of God. The Divine Mercy Shrine has been visited by two Popes and continues to attract millions of pilgrims every year. 

Lunch will proceed in the same way; we will have the prayers for the Divine Mercy at the Shrine of Divine Mercy followed by a visit to the Archbishop's Palace and Vilnius Cathedral and Cathedral Tower. There’s still time for some sightseeing and shopping. Evening mass is celebrated at Gates of Dawn Church. We will then attend the Archdiocesan Family Conference in the afternoon followed by dinner.

Auschwitz - Wadowice

DAY 5: - Auschwitz - Wadowice

Today you will travel to Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi concentration camp where unspeakable atrocities occurred. You will see the cell that imprisoned St. Maximillian Kolbe and the Martyrdom Museum recalling the horrors of the Holocaust. In the afternoon you will go to Wadowice, the birthplace of St. John Paul II, and celebrate Mass in the church he attended and in which he was baptized as a child. You will visit his childhood home, now a museum containing relics and artefacts from throughout his life. Dinner and overnight stay in Krakow.


Nice and early we prepare to leave Krakow

 We aim to spend some of the time shopping. 

This morning you will transfer to the John Paul II International airport for your return flights to the UK

Currency: Polish Zloty (PLN)

Local time: GMT +1 hour

Airports: Krakow (KRK) ; Warsaw (WAW)

Flight duration: 2 hours 30 minutes approximately

Languages: Polish; many people speak English

Climate: A mixture between mild Oceanic and more severe Continental climate produces temperate conditions with distinct seasons featuring long warm sunny summer days and snowy winters

Voltage: 230V A/C, sockets outlets and sockets Type C and Type E 2 pin type are used

Visa: not required for EU citizens; non-EU citizens are advised to check with the relevant authorities. 

 Itinerary and flight details may be subject to change. 

Inclusive Accommodations in picturesque Old Town, meals, all necessary local transportation, and entry fees to all museums and sites.     

Your only responsibility are your  gratuities, and spending funds.


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Day one

Day three

Day one

Departing the UK, on our journey begins with an introduction about Lourdes and a breakdown of the itinerary, after morning prayers, we continue on route to our crossing and border control. We then continue on our journey to Calais heading to Lourdes, with prayers, Songs and more.



Day two

Day three

Day one

After breakfast, we head to the Chapel for morning mass then free-time for your own interest, you may wish to follow the high or low stations of the cross, followed by 12 pm lunch, and a

Visiting the 3 basilicas, for 1 hour and 30 minutes.  free-time for other activities. After your evening meal you may wish to join thousands of pilgrims for the candlelight possessions.  

Day three

Day three

Day three

After breakfast, we head to the Chapel for our special morning mass followed by 12 pm lunch, Then we follow in BERNADETTE’S FOOTSTEPS
Discovering the important places of Saint Bernadette’s life, for 2 hours and 30 minutes, more time on your hands for your own interest.  After your evening meal you may wish to have a quiet rest, and you can also join pilgrims for the Eucharistic Procession later in the evening.

Day four

Day four

Day three

After breakfast we will head to the Chapel for another special morning mass followed by 12pm lunch, then free-time to do whatever you wish.



Have you lit a candle as yet? 

Have you drank from the Lourdes fountains?

What of the Eucharistic Procession don't miss it? 

Not forgetting the candlelight possessions what a spectacular view.

Day five

Day four

Day five

Before breakfast, if not already done so, you may wish to get in line for the popular Baths. Others may head to the Chapel for morning mass then free-time, followed by 12pm lunch,  

Make the most of your visit enjoy the experience and don't forget to visit the Grotto and say goodbye to Our Lady of Lourdes. When our final evening meal is over we board the coach to leave Lourdes. 

Day six

Day four

Day five

We continue our journey to Nevers to visit St. Bernadette's final resting place. 

- Morning mass - breakfast -  guided tour - we then head for Calais, homeward bound.

Enjoy the competition and prizes - laughs - good company and prayers. 

Preparing for your pilgrimage


Daily mass and the Novena, taking part in the Sacraments

Everyone should give careful thought to how they're prepared spiritually and practically for the experience.  Some will celebrate the occasion with a Novena,  Holy mass every Sunday and weekdays if possible, take part in the Sacraments. Observing Holy days of obligation if it falls around that time. Provide an opportunity for confessions and station of the cross at least once a week. Reading your Bible is advisable. We all should maintain daily prayer. Pilgrims should certainly be encouraged to think of a particular intention for prayer for their pilgrimage and those unable to come should know that their needs and thanksgivings will be offered in prayer, for friends, families, parishioners, or the community at large.

New Beginnings (God loves when we persevere in prayer).

Do you ever feel like you need a new beginning, and need to take a break?  When it seems that everything around you is too much for you to cope with! Is it stressful? We should all take some time to get to know God again or continue your journey with Him. In the pursuit of happiness where would we rather be happy on Earth or in Heaven? If the answer is the latter, then we should store up treasure's for ourselves in Heaven and not on Earth. Let's follow him for eternal happiness, and offer everything up to Him. Are we thanking him enough? GETTING TO KNOW JESUS! - JESUS SAYS YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD - JESUS HAS A VISION FOR OUR LIFE - JESUS, TEACH US HOW TO BE GREAT STUDENTS" - JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. 

Asking for God's Mercy, for the sick

"During long sleepless nights, uniting herself with the Masses celebrated throughout the world, Bernadette Soubirous offered herself as a “living crucified” in the tremendous combat between light and darkness,  bound, with Mary, to the mystery of the redemption, eyes fixed on the crucifix:  “That is where I find my strength.”  Praying for the sick and reciting the Holy Rosary. Do remember prayer request from anyone who wish it. Not forgetting to bring your own intentions to the Shrine and pray in harmony with others. 

Praying for the conversion of harden sinners

Praying for the poor souls in Purgatory who has no one to pray for them,  why not send a prayer request for those who do not know God. For those who offend Him. For those who do not thank Him. Those who deny His existence, and those who are patiently waiting for His guidance. For yourself also, reignite with your Spirit, have you been away from the church? This is your time to converse with God.  

Mediate in deep concentration

This is a period of retreat, repentant, soul searching, special period of fasting and prayer, being well in mind and spirit. Building of one's Spiritual strength let the will of God be alone in our life in a place of worship. Surrender to the plan he's made in our name. Sometimes a pilgrimage can be a most profound spiritual awakening that will enrich our lives, and gives it a more prayerful life, spending time with God in conversation, listening to God speaking to us the one who made us, the one who knows us.  

It's very important to wear suitable clothing not only for the weather, but also for attending mass

It is a fine line between dressing because we're on holiday and forgetting that we will enter a church building to pray. Practical clothing is best suited for most occasions.  Courtesy, respect for prayer time and other pilgrims, is important, be mindful that we are in the house of God. Are you prepared for the walking? Hill climbs, how are you physically? Choose the right pilgrimage for you. 



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